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A Million God Stories

November 26, 2020

Joining Greg in the studio is Dr. Pam VanArsdall, founder of "A Million God Stories."  Each week, this Christian-based organization feature stories to inspire and encourage you.  Each beautiful story provides a message of God’s love and transformative power. Their prayer is that God will speak to you in a personal way through each story.

Visit their website at www.AMillionGodStories.com
Buy the book, "A Million God  Stories" at https://amilliongodstories.com/product/a-million-god-stories-book/
Learn more about Dr. Pam VanArsdall at www.PamVanArsdall.com
If you have a story, or know someone of a story, contact Dr. Arsdall at either of the above websites.  And don't worry, they will do the writing, if needed.
Watch a video about Dr. Pam VanArsdall an how she started "A Million God Stories" at https://vimeo.com/262586570

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