FAITH in the Face of Tragedy

February 21, 2018

Despite the circumstances and the options placed before him, Kody Kasey found HOPE and comfort in God’s words at Jeremiah 29:11.  You have to go through a test before you can have a testimonial.  And Kody was certainly put to the test.

When Things Go Bad

February 20, 2018

When Kody Kasey experienced an injury while playing football, it brought him down in more ways than one.   But the story’s not over.

Read Romans 12:12

The Story of Kody Kasey

February 19, 2018

Listen to the story of Georgetown College's Kody Kasey who faced a dibilitating injury on the field, one that could end his promising football career.


An Ordinary Day with Jesus at Work

February 16, 2018

Does your job get you down?  Is work a struggle?  Greg shares some tips to finding a new perspective on work and your job.

This week’s referenced scriptures:  John 5:17, Col 3:23, Mark 10:45, Rom 15:13

Facing Grief With God

February 15, 2018

Christina faced the grief of losing family members without God.  That grief became a very heavy piece of “luggage.”  Then her father was killed in an accident.  Listen to how she dealt with the grief WITH God.

Letting Go of the Baggage

February 14, 2018

Christina says it well, “The longer you carry your baggage around, the heavier it becomes.”  She knew it was time to face the grief she had been carrying around.

Facing Grief Without God

February 13, 2018

We continue our conversation with Christina where she shares her struggles and grabbing at straws to find happiness. 

When Relationships Fail

February 12, 2018

Christina talks about her life when her marriage fails and the lessons learned.

This week’s reference scripture:  Proverbs 4:23

A Pre-Valentine Message

February 9, 2018

Does Valentine’s Day get you down?  Greg shares God’s encouragement to those who struggle with the holiday.  Remember, God if faithful and you are not alone.  You can count on Jesus to be in your corner.

Today’s shared scriptures:   Philippians 4:6-7, Proverbs 4:23

Pacing Your Life

February 8, 2018

We often have “hurry” which means doing too many things at a time.  In today's program, Greg explains the symptoms of "hurried sickness" and details of the following ways to eliminate them.  

  1. Slow down
  2. Just say no – don’t over schedule
  3. Keep the Sabbath
  4. De-clutter
  5. Use leisure time in life-giving ways