Fear is Not from GOD

November 2, 2018

Fear does not come from GOD.  It occurs when we forget that He is standing right behind us.  Greg shares several encouraging scriptures reminding us of this.  Here are just a few:

2 Timothy 1:7
Hebrews 13:6, 8
Isaiah 41:10
Psalms 28:14

Hard Times Can Make Us or Break Us

November 1, 2018

Greg wraps up his interview with Troy Hutchison about breaking addictions.

How Addiction Affects Relationships

October 31, 2018

Troy continues his story about dealing with addictions and how his journey led to GOD.

Struggling with Addiction

October 30, 2018

Greg continues his conversation with Troy Hutchison about his struggles with with addictions.

When Partying Becomes a Problem

October 29, 2018

Greg is joined by Troy Hutchison who shares his story of addiction. 

Learn to be UN-Offendable

October 26, 2018

Greg shares about how we can be UN-Offendable from @BrantHansen Book!

Make Your One and Only Life Count

October 25, 2018

Greg shares some encouragement about making your one and only life count.

HOPE After Loss

October 24, 2018

Diana Healy shares about the HOPE she found after losing a Marriage and her precious son Derek! 

My Son was Shot!

October 23, 2018

Diana Healy shares about a Parent’s worst nightmare, losing her child in a robbery at his workplace.

I Can’t Do This

October 22, 2018

Diana (Elam) Healy shares about finding HOPE after her unexpected Divorce after 28 years of marriage.