HOPE is Here

Feed Our Neighbor

June 16, 2020

Greg continues his conversation with Denise Walsh and Sylvia Lovely of "Feed Our Neighbors," a unique program that provides 3-5 days of family-style meals to families with special diet needs such as food allergies. Today they share more details about the program and how you can volunteer or join the program. They share some wonderful stories, too.

Learn more about "Feed Our Neighbor" at www.FeedOurNeighbor.com or on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/feedourneighborKY/
Learn more about Denise's Gluten-Free Miracles at https://www.facebook.com/GlutenFreeMiracles  or www.GlutenFreeMiracles.com
Learn about AZUR Restaurant & Patio at www.AZURrestaurant.com or Lexington Diner at www.LexingtonDiner.com

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