HOPE is Here

Psalm 82:3

November 2, 2022

God has given the opportunity for Psalm 82:3 Mission to reach out and be a blessing to the poorest country in the world, Liberia, Africa. Psalm823’s mission is to “DEFEND THE WEAK AND THE FATHERLESS; AND UPHOLD THE CAUSE OF THE POOR AND THE OPPRESSED.” The organization has grown from 1 employee to nearly 50. Matt joins us and shares some updates about how God is moving through their ministry and shares some upcoming opportunities for you to be a part of the work God is doing in Liberia, Africa!

Contact Info:
Email: matt@psalm823.org
Website: www.psalm823.org where you can donate, learn about the ministry, and register for the upcoming banquet.

The annual banquet is coming up on November 10. It will take place at Embassy Suites in Lexington at 6:30 pm. To register, visit: www.Psalm823.org/banquet

Matt’s Book: Faith Steps- The Psalm 82:3 Mission Story
Available at
faithstepstories.com or on AMazon

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